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Caring and professional

(Nimrode) took care of our L Visa application process. We went through an expedited process. The whole process was successful, and on time. (Nimrode) was always available and correct in all his assertions.


 September 7, 2023

Extremely pleasant experience!

Attorney Pantz did a great job in helping me successfully apply for an E2 visa as an executive employee.


He was professional, responsive and helped me navigate this process in a seamless manner with no complications. He spend time explaining the visa application process and managed our expectations. I highly recommend his service for any project related to immigration to the USA.


 September 7, 2023

Sr. Director Technical Sales

I would like to highly recommend Nimrod(e).
Nimrod(e) was very thorough and efficient in my L1 A request.
Manage to get the approval on the first time(.)


August 23, 2023

Diligent and Professional

Nimrode assisted me or my colleagues with making decisions related to US immigration / visa. In all cases Nimrode was forthcoming and made all the information known to make the best decisions together and ultimately created very well drafted and clear applications that left no room for questions.


December 6, 2022

Professional and Informative

Nimrod led us through the immigration process and was very knowledgeable and responsive.
Thank you!


August 27, 2022

Great​ results for getting exceptional ability green card.

I hired Nimrode Pantz as an immigration attorney, and I highly recommend his services over the years. I first consulted with attorney Pantz when I changed my employer. He provided a clear explanation to the cumbersome immigration procedure and developed an immigration strategy plan for my case which allowed me to accept employment with a new employer with minimal interruption. I further hired Nimrode to file my green card application in a complicated category as an individual with exceptional ability and with a request for a National Interest Waiver (NIW).


He skillfully built a successful case describing my established career as a cybersecurity expert and an entrepreneur. I continue to use attorney Pantz services to support my company’s immigration needs when hiring international professionals or relocating key employees from our foreign offices. He is always available to answer my questions thoroughly.


I certainly would recommend him to anyone seeking help with business immigration.


June 2, 2022

E-2 Visa

(E)ngaged attorney Nimrode Pantz to file for my E-2 (Treaty-Investor) visa when I established my new business. He provided professional explanation and planning, helped me gather all the documents and information meticulously and walked me throughout this process at the U.S., Consulate in Germany. He was always available and responsive to address my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Nimrode an attorney for business immigration.


 May 23, 2022

Personable and caring

Nimrode is a knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorney. He is very honest and straightforward. Loved working with him and would recommend (him) to anyone.


 April 21, 2022

Fantastic Immigration Attorney

Nimrode filed from my H1-B transfer and guided me throughout the entire process(,) as this was my first time going through this effort. He's been nothing but professional throughout this journey and helped me gather all the documents and information meticulously. Once filed, the transfer was done in about 3-4 days during the busy (T)hanksgiving period. He also promptly sent me the notice of approval within a day of receiving it. I'd highly recommend Nimrode as an attorney for whatever you need without a beat.


December 11, 2021

I started my process with Nimrode applying for L1 visa for my work, as it was original reason for coming to the US.

Starting with the L1 process, it was time(-)sensitive and complex for us, Nimrode made the process clearer and with much patience and knowledge also deliver the message to my company back then.

We renew the L1 visa with him later on before moving to Green Card application and later on to Naturalization.

Each time(,) Nimrode was on top of things, had all the paperwork ready for us with all the needed explanations beforehand, follow up, before and after meetings and from start to end felt like we are in good hands.

I would (definitely) recommend working with him for anyone who needs these type(s) of services.


September 12, 2022

Immigration professional with human touch - highly recommended!

I highly recommend Nimrode. Nimrode did an amazing job for my company and for my family - he is an incredible lawyer and even though our case was complicated(,) Nimrode made it simple and worry-free. He helped us to get L(-)visas when we moved to the US and later to get the Green Card.
(Professional), creative and responsive.

-Shahar Abuhazira

 November 25, 2021


As an immigration attorney, Nimrode Pantz has earned my highest recommendation. We have been fortunate to have Nimrode handle the relocation and U.S. work visa processing for our company's senior management. Attorney Pantz professionalism, knowledge and experience in immigration law were always evident as he guided us in step-by-step fashion throughout the process.


December 23, 2018

Great Service

We had an exceptional(ly) great service including a very good knowledge and help. Very organized.


March 2, 2018

Highly recommended!

Nimrod helped me with my case(.) (H)e was very professional and was available for me anytime with quick response(.)
Highly recommended!


July 14, 2017

A Law Firm with a Soul

I have been working with DLP Law, and specifically with Nimrode since the day I opened my company, almost 11 years ago. Nimrode supported us on all aspects of our business, from contracts to business consulting to working hand(-)in(-)hand with us in creating a daughter company outside of the US. Nimrode was always extremely accommodating, very professional and(,) most of all(,) a trusted adviser and friend.


May 22, 2017

Immigration - Successful Green Card Application

My employer engaged Mr. Pantz to manage the process of filing a green card application on its behalf and on my behalf. At the time, I was legally in the US on an L-1 Visa. Mr. Pantz provided close professional support to the Company's HR department and myself throughout the process. Assisted in filling out and filing all the necessary documents. Provided continuous guidance and updates on the progress of our application and future steps to come.


Most importantly, Mr. Pantz identified issues that were present in the previous filing for the L-1 Visa application, that were prepared and submitted by a third party. He spent significant effort and time, and expressed vast knowledge and creativity, in drafting the company's green card application so that it would mitigate the negative impact the previous L-1 application may have had, and increase(d) the likelihood of success for the current green card application.


The process was complete in record time - 6 months start to finish. I am grateful for his help and highly recommend his services.


May 16, 2017

Nimrod and his team provide excellent service. He is highly knowledgeable, thorough, and very responsive around the clock. Immigration matters are nerve-wracking to begin with(,) so you need a steady hand on the wheel(,) and Nimrod knows how to provide just that - with a smile!

- Adam Yaniv

June 9, 2021


Nimrod is very professional and knowledgeable.
All the meetings and conversations were very pleasant with explanation and details of each step of the process.

I will (definitely) use Nimrode('s) services in the future.


February 1, 2019

Professional, efficient, and very knowledgeable

Nimrode assisted me and my firm in applying for a(n) E2 Visa. Throughout the process(,) he guided us in all facets of the application, making sure we submit(ted) a professional and robust application. He provided extremely valuable feedback to ensure … (that) our application would be accepted, and our visas awarded. It(')s also worth noting that even though our business and immigration needs dictated a very tight schedule, Nimrode was able to accommodate and adhere to our timeline by working relentlessly to perfect our application in minimum time.

I would highly recommend working with Nimrode, not only for boiler-plate regular immigration needs, but also for complex and demanding cases.


 June 7, 2022


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